Product : Mares Smart Computer

Price : £185 – £248

Place To Buy : Amazon

Guarantee : 2 Years From Date of Purchase

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The Mares Smart Dive Computer is a wrist type computer that has won Many Awards since being published, packed full of features suitable for entry-advanced diver’s. Its so easy to use, light and very sporty looking the Smart computer can stay on your wrist throw your working day if you wish as it has a very comfortable watch size and sleek design

This Computer can be entry or advanced diver level, since is such a compact computer that provides all the dive information they need but also doesn’t look out of place when your out and about with all the different types of colors on offer.

The Computer can easily be connected to your PC or Mac by using the optional Mares Bluelink Pro interface that allows you to download your previous dive profile data using the Mares software. This interface also allows you to update the dive computer firmware if a revised version is released.

This Smart Computer can also now be upgraded to the Bluetooth connectivity system using the Mares Bluelink Pro interface adapter, which allows the diver’s dive data to be transferred to your smart device using the DiveSSI app which is available on both Apple and Android operating systems.

Easy to Use

It’s clear information layout is very easy to read and understand what the computer is trying to tell you without over-complicating the information. The Dual button interface is very easy to used to cycle through information during the dive with ease.

Each of the three sections are dedicated to one aspect of your diving so you can understand the information based on where it is on the screen.

Current depth max depth is shown in the top.

Decompression info is always in the central section and all other information stays at the bottom section.

A nitrogen loading indication is on the right of the screen with an ascent speed indicator on the left.

It combines super sharp and clear display, perfect ergonomics and user-friendliness.


  • Watch
  • Air and Nitrox
  • Gauge
  • Free Diving

Technical Information

  • Max Displayed Depth: 150 m (492ft)
  • 25 Hour Dive Log
  • The temperature ranges from -10°C to 50°C

    Profile Sampling Rates: 5 s

  • Multigas Nitrox (2 mixtures 21% to 99%)
  • Trimix Compatible: No
  • Rebreather Mode: No
  • PC Interface Compatible: USB cable not included.
  • User Changeable Battery: Yes
  • Air Integration: No
  • Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • User-replaceable battery (CR 2430)
  • Deep Stops cannot be disabled
  • Optional PC interface (USB Dive link)
  • missed decompression stop
  • low battery warning during the dive.
  • You can upgrade the firmware online from Mares with the Drak Interface cable to update features of your computer in the future.

Useful Information

  • Watch: Yes
  • Calendar: Yes
  • Dual time: Yes
  • Stopwatch: Yes
  • Daily alarm: Yes
  • Battery Power Indicator: Yes
  • Lithium Battery: Yes
  • Display Illumination Type: Back Light
  • Plan Mode: Yes
  • Choice of Metrical/Imperial Units: Yes
  • Fresh and Seawater Settings: Yes
  • Residual Nitrogen Reset: Yes
  • Option to exclude audible alarms: Yes
  • Exclusion of “Uncontrolled Ascent”: Yes
  • Ascent Rate Indicator: Yes
  • Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min – ft/min): Yes
  • Altitude Adjustment: Yes
  • Plan Mode:Yes
  • Display of the water temperature


Housing diameter: 50 mm.

Screen diameter: 32 mm.

Thickness: 18 mm.

My Personal View

I like the Mares they have designed and ideal introductory dive computer with their Smart Dive Watch has lots of safety features built into it that are aimed at beginner diver’s which makes it a fun introductory dive watch.

One of the best safety features that the Mares Smart dive watch has is the ascent rate lock out. This feature will lock the dive computer for 24 hours if there is excessive Ascent rate which has been maintained for more than two-thirds of the depth of the dive. This is set up to reduce the risk of expansion and nitrogen injuries.

The lack of air integration and compass can be put to one side when considering this Mares Smart dive computer with the small price and the easy to usability it gets you diving safely at a low cost.

There are also different alarms to help keep you at your decompression stops as well as to make sure you don’t exceed your safe oxygen saturation. With the edition of the safety features, the Mares Smart dive computer has plenty of other features that will have diver’s easily navigating the waters. With a maximum depth of 150m or 492 feet, the introductory dive computer is going to be a hit for a long time. You won’t outgrow this computer for many dives to come. This beautifully designed dive computer is a great all-rounder, capable of multi-gas and free diving.

“After” Dive Care

Rinse with fresh water separately, keep away from direct sun light when stored, dry in a ventilated place. Also, one should consider buying a Screen Protector to avoid scratches to the face of your Dive Computer. So, whenever the time comes to upgrade and sell your Dive Computer on you will get top value.


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