Product : Mares Quad Dive Computer.

Price : £ 219.

Place To Buy : Amazon

Guarantee : 2 Years From The Date Of Purchase.

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THE MARES QUAD DIVE Computer has a fairly big screen compared to some computers and is wrist mounted with a straight-forward interface and enormous digital screen thus you will be able to scan all of your dive info simply even in poor visibility. the bigscreen is a bonus and permits for additional info to be displayed on the screen with larger numbers however the computer itself skinny on your wrist and its very low profile so it won’t feel out of sorts on your dive.

The screen is split into clearly outlined sections and have been labelled within the four corners of the screen for simple and fast reference.

The highest section displays depth info with deepest depth on the proper and current depth on the left-hand side,

The centre section shows decompression info also has decompression stop details. all-time low section displays time info as well as dive time.

The leftside of the screen shows your ascent rate graph against a colour coded scale to a very safe point ascent speed.

Easy to Use

THE QUAD DIVE Computer contains a four-button navigation system, simplemenus that build navigating and scanning throw the computer terribly easy. The left buttons (ENTER and ESC) enable the user to glide in and out of menus also lets you make or cancel your picks on screen. The buttons on the right-hand side (UP and DOWN) move through the menus and configurations screens.

The Mares Quad has 3 operational modes, Air, Nitrox and Bottom Timer mode is the great features that make sure this Dive Computer reaches your expectation for recreational diving, the Nitrox mode will change throughout a dive.

Therefore, the Bottom Timer would be a great edition for the technical different too.


  • Air
  • Nitrox
  • Bottom Timer


  • Air and Nitrox Mode.
  • Multigas Nitrox (3 blends twenty oneto 100%).
  • New decompression planning mode for dives coming up withmode and the user can adjust to suit.
  • Gauge mode (resettable average depth) and timer.
    Decompression algorithm.
  • Optional computer-interface (USB link two or Bluelink Pro).
  • Large Black and White Screen.
  • User-replaceable battery (CR 2450)approx. 200-300 dives, depending on usage
  • Logbook memory: thirty six hours.
  • Maximum depth 150m.
  • Deep Stops can not be turned off.
  • Audible (can be disabled) and Visual alarms.
  • Water temperature displayed.
  • Dimensions: 97x 75 x 20mm.
  • Screen approx. 58 x 30mm.
  • Two customisable fields for ancillaryinfo.
  • Four buttons for intuitive computer program.
  • Mirrored button operatethroughout dive
    Option to read dive time as well as seconds.
  • Multi-gas capable (3 gas mixes)
  • Decompression dive planner with user adjustable surface interval
    Fresh and seawatersettings.

Useful info.

The QUAD DIVE Computer has the option to be compatible with your home computer throw an interface cable to transfer your dive profile information to your computer.

It has the larger elastic strap which can be simply removed by pushing out the strap retention pins that leaves four anchor points visible on the rear of the Computer. These points may be loop through with a bungee strap which is most popular with dry suit divers.

The Mares Quad can currently be upgraded to Bluetooth using the Mares BLUELINK professional interface adapter, which allows Bluetooth connection of dive information to be transferred from the Quad to your home computer wirelessly which will have the DiveSSI app that is easily down-loaded for iver the Apple or Android systems.

Also, one should consider buying a Screen Protector to avoid scratches to the face of your Dive Computer. So, whenever the time comes to upgrade and sell your dive pc on you will get top value.

New Plan Mods And ASC

The Quad features options for the new plan mode, it plans dives with decompression and takes the surface intervals in to consideration.

Patented ASC + 5 operate, displays the whole Ascent Time or ASC if you stayed five minutes or more at the same depth.


Rinse with fresh water separately. Store away from direct sun light and keep in a dry and ventilated place.


If you would like more information about this product, please read instruction’s


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