Product: The Mares Quad Air Dive

Computer Price: £ 255

Place to Buy: Amazon

Guarantee: 2 years from the date of purchase



Mares designed this dive computer for the advanced scuba diver looking for a fairly big screen compared to some computers, and with air management included.

THE QUAD AIR takes great pride in showing off the display on Dive Computer with a very clear display. It’s an upgraded version of the Quad Computer to include wireless air integration with an optional Transmitter which will be fitted to your regulator. The large jumbo display is easy to read and three-row layout and four buttons for intuitive layout comprises all relevant data including tank pressure with optional transmitter.

In all circumstances and the design of the computer makes it ambidextrous so you can mount it how and where you want it

Easy to Use

The functions of the Quad Air Computer is classified into 3 classes, each corresponding to a specific mode of operation.

Surface mode: Quad Air is dry on the surface, you can modification the settings, use the logbook, plan the next dive with the planner, see remaining desaturation after a dive, download to PC and much more.

Dive mode: Quad Air monitors depth, time, tank pressure (optional), temperature and performs all decompression calculations dive mode itself can be broken down into 4 sub categories, pre-dive.

THE MARES QUAD AIR is on the surface but its actively monitoring ambient pressure, so when the time comes to dive it will begin to calculate a dive the instant it is submerged below 2 meters or 6.5 foot from the dive surfacing.


  • Air
  • Nitrox
  • Bottom Timer

Technical Information

  • Multigas Nitrox Compatible: 3 blends 21 to 99
  • Max Displayed Depth: 150m
  • Memory capacity: 100 hr
  • Option to Exclude Audible Alarm: Yes
  • Residual Nitrogen Reset: Yes
  • Rebreather Mode: No
  • Trimix Compatible: No
  • Air Integration: x3 Wireless (not included)
  • Gas Switching: 3
  • Runaway Decompression Alarm

Useful Info

  • Step-Up from the Quad: Yes
  • Stopwatch: Yes.
  • Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min – ft/min): Yes.
  • User-replaceable battery (CR 2450).
  • 4-Buttons for Intuitive User Interface.
  • Displays the water temperature.
  • Display: Segment Display.
  • PC Interface Compatible: USB (not included).
  • Display Illumination Type: Backlight.
  • Integrated Compass: No.
  • Profile Sampling Rates: 5s.
  • Gas switching: Yes.
  • Height, Length, Width: 140 x 177 x 140mm.
  • Option to readDive Time in Seconds, Great for Safety Stops
    Imperial or Metric Units of Measure.
  • Set for Fresh or Saltwater Diving.
  • The transfer of dive loguses the MARES PC INTERFACE FOR BLUE LINK pro adapter

QUAD AIR, once we are back on the surface at the end of a dive the dive time is calculation is halted but if the diver was to re submerge within the three minutes the dive log will resume but it will include the surface interval.

Once we have been on the surface for more than three minutes, the Quad Air closes the logbook and reverts to a display showing desaturation time, no-fly time and surface interval, this will last until the desaturation and the no-fly time each reduced to zero.

Sleep mode: Will activate while on the surface when one minute while not operation (3 minutes from pre-dive mode) which is great for battery saver. Though the computer appears to be turned off completely, it will still be active. Quad Air computes tissue desaturation and checks the ambient pressure once every 20 seconds for uninterrupted monitoring of the current environment.

New Plan Mods And ASC

The Quad Diving Computer features the new plan mode (PLAN): it plans dives with decompression and the surface interval.

Patented “ASC +5” function, displays the Total Ascent Time or ASC you would have if you stayed 5 minutes more at the same depth.

“After” Dive Care

Rinse with fresh water separately, keep away from direct sun light when stored, dry in a ventilated place. Also, one should consider buying a Screen Protector to avoid scratches to the face of your Dive Computer. So, whenever the time comes to upgrade and sell your Dive Computer on you will get top value.


If you would like more information about this product, please read Instructions

Up Dating the Computer. Mares proposes to update the interface of its diving computer:

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