Hi Newbie Divers and long term Divers, Welcome to Scuba Diving Computer website, Diving has been a great passion of mine for a number of years and have purchased numerous products in the Diving world but the Dive Computers are my favorite item of diving.

My Story With Diving

As a kid being brought up on the west coast of Scotland I have been blessed with the rich waters with marine life, Conservation Areas, And plenty of wrecks for diving upon. I also had a couple years traveling and ended up working for a test review center which tested the Algorithm for many dive computers and got the pleasure of testing some of the best that where on the market at the time.


A Dive Computer is one of the best piece of diving equipment that a Diver will ever buy! We have all the best brands available here at Dive Computer Store. And help people with easy shopping with multiple stores in one website with hopefully a few discount offers becoming available.


I am here to get you the best deals and save you time on shopping for Dive Computers no matter where you are in the world, I have added what I think are some of the best diving stores all bunched in to one site saving you less time for shopping round. Hopefully with some discount offers becoming available as we go along.

If you ever have any questions or needa hand making a decsion,  feel free to reach out in the contacts page and and send me a david@divecomputershop.com or leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Would You Like A Review Of Dive Computers?

I am hope-in to be doing a review service of different Dive Computer’s in due course these will be video based of the real diving taking you throw a basic dive to see how they preform and show all the different features they have, this will be done throw YouTube channel, If this is something that interest you drop me a comment below of which Dive Computer you would like me to review and if there enough interest in it i will add this to the site as well.

Best Wishes and Safe Diving,

Founder of Dive Computers Store.

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